q. What's the best time of day for a session?
a. Two hours before sunset and after sunrise.

Q. If we opt for one outfit, does the price of the Full session decrease?
A. No, the price is based on the amount of time

q. What if the weather is bad?
a. I really love a sunny day! I will try to reschedule your session if it’s too gloomy, windy or rainy.

q. Do I get a CD of the photos?
a. No, but you can download the photos from the online gallery and put them onto a disk or thumbdrive.
q. Do you delete the photos after delivering?
a. No, that would make me sad if you lost them and I didn't have them to replace! After I upload and deliver, I store them onto my hard drive.

q. Can I get my deposit back if I need to cancel?
a. Deposits are non-refundable but you don’t have to pay it again when you reschedule. That payment goes towards your future session, no matter how far away.

q. I have an idea for a location, can you check it out before the session?
a. Of course! Let me know where it is and I’ll check it out along with locations nearby.
q. Where can I view your recent photos?
a. Facebook, instagram and my blog!

q. Do I have to print my photos from you?
a. Nope. You have an option to print wherever you’d like. Of course I’d love if you chose to print through me, the prints are delivered to you and great quality.

q. What should I wear?
a. I have a Pinterest board that I keep ideas at! Ask anytime and I'll send that over.