Order is delayed, but for good reason!

We have some updates and I want to make sure you’re in the loop! 

As pre-orders were being taken I was in communication with a printing company but once I was ready to order, I contacted them and *crickets*.



SO I went back to the drawing board. I quickly realized that I should go the manufacturer route if I wanted a product that would be strong, durable and professional. Turns out that being ghosting was a blessing in disguise.

SO I found a manufacturer in China that I love. I spent three days doing my research to make sure they were ethical. A third party inspection and lots of questions later, they’re in the clear. I am in communication with a sweet lady, Ruby Chen. Seriously… she’s amazing. Instant Bffs. They will be manufacturing the journals and I’m thrilled to have assurance of a great product. If you’re curious, I searched for days for an American manufacturer and couldn’t find annnyyyone that didn’t outsource to a different country. 

Now you’re up to speed on that.

Here’s the not-so-wonderful-for-us news. Chinese New Year lasts 3-4 weeks in January and February. A day after I finalized my formats and payments, the company (and all of China haha) is out for the holiday.

The holiday plus switching to an oversees manufacturer puts us about a month and a half back from our original shipment goal.

It might have been naive (optimistic to a fault) of me to put a final date on it in the first place so I’m going to avoid trying to guess again. Once Ruby is back from her holiday in mid-February, she’ll be able to give me an accurate shipment date and I promise I’ll let you know as soon as I know!

Thank you all for your support, it means the world to me!!

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