The Dexter’s Family Session

The Dexters / Ashlee Kay / Family Photographer
Melanie and Tyler are a wife-husband photography team (JEALOUS!) and I had the pleasure of taking their family photos! Livi, their sweet two year old is a natural! I guess her parents photograph her enough so she’s extra prepared for the process 😉
As a Family photographer, I LOVE setting up these moments that Livi will be able to look back at and think “Wow, my parents really cherish me and they have from the start”. That’s a concept that helps me with posing and helping families feel more natural while in front of the camera.
family photography
family photography
lifestyle family photographer
Family Zoolander pose, I think YES!
zoolander family pose for the win!
candid family photo
Oh my goodness!
So much love here.
And there was her dad jumping up and down
behind my  camera to get that sweet smile!
mother and daughter
lifestyle family
family photography
lifestyle family photographer
Ashlee Kay Photography

Oh Melanie! You have this amazing smile and a beauty that radiates from the outside-in.  Having a group a supportive photographers (YOU included) has been such a blessing to me in Colorado Springs and I cannot thank you enough for that!

mother-daughter photographyI mentioned how talented Melanie and Tyler are. Now you go see!
Check out their website and Facebook!
Family photography in the mountains
Ok, I was going to let that be my last picture but I want to start a new segment in my
blogs called “look, I promise I take pictures of people LOOKING AT the camera”.
Hahah. You wouldn’t know that by anything I post so
here’s a few (slightly smaller) photos to prove it 😉
family photography poses
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